About Us:

Value Solutions delivers consistent, honest valuations  based on diligent research
and competent analysis from highly experienced and ethical state licensed and
certified appraisers.

Value Solutions never compromises the integrity of  the independent, unbiased
appraisal process, and always conforms  to the highest code of ethical conduct as
set forth in the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice.  

Your confidence in Value Solutions is well placed.  Our commitment to quality,
service and professionalism is evident in every appraisal assignment. From the
manner in which we set our appraisal appointments to the respect we show your
homeowner/customers, to the care we take in preparing our appraisal reports,
Value Solutions will never lose sight of our high service standards.   

Our chief appraiser/reviewer has over 20 years residential appraisal experience in
California, and every Value Solutions appraisal is prepared by a licensed or certified
appraiser with over five years full time experience. Our real estate data sources are
comprehensive: assessor information, title records, multiple listing service,
interviews with local real estate agents, and company file records data. In every
assignment, we take all necessary steps to ensure the quality and accuracy that
you deserve.  

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